Dragons Reach Out to Struggling Businesses

For many small businesses it has been a tough couple of years; dealing with a high dollar value, a weak economy and the global credit crunch.  As a result many small business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to their peers and mentors for help in making those all important decisions. And now CBC is offering you a chance to extend that peer and mentor circle to include one of their renowned Dragons, to help your struggling business get back on track.

The Big Decision

Producers of CBC’s new series The Big Decision are looking for Canadian businesses to take part in the show which gives you an opportunity to work with and potentially receive an investment from one of Canada’s most successful and respected entrepreneurs.

 “Instead of (entrepreneurs) coming into the den and doing more of an elevator pitch, we’re actually going to be travelling to the businesses and communities to learn more about the businesses,” said Katie Cumby, associate producer for The Big Decision.

Focussing on companies who have fallen on hard times, the show will feature two businesses every 1-hour episode.  They will show how the business has reached the point it has and how one of the Dragons has put their expertise to work and helped turned things around.

Why Should You Apply?

A large part of the show involves an investor from Dragons’ Den deciding how they can improve each business, rolling up their sleeves and giving advice to the owners.  Each expert will provide free business advice ranging from marketing and sales to inventory management, financing and HR.

The show could also provide you with a chance to receive a personal investment or a loan from one of the Dragons.  

Is Your Business Eligible?

To be eligible for the show your business must have been operating for at least three to five years, be a privately held business that has been registered in Canada, have more than five employees and be making a gross income of at least $500,000 a year. You must also be willing to commit to being filmed for up to a two weeks. 

We’re interested in businesses that can’t fail – for personal reasons or for reasons of the community”, said Cumby. “In a lot of smaller communities, these small businesses are the chief employer, and the business failing can therefore effect a whole community.”

How to Apply

To apply for the program, you must download and complete the application form from the CBC The Big Decision website and send to, making sure you include your name, company name and contact information in the email.