The Difference a Day (or Two) Makes

I just left a two-day workshop on how to design a structure for your business that lets you take it to a level you never dreamed of. The workshop teaches business owners how to plan for double the revenues you think you can generate; but more importantly, it shows people that living by your real intention can be more rewarding than any of the activities you’re doing now in your business.

Today, I recommend taking a moment to reflect on the true reason you're working so hard on your business. Is it just to earn a living? Is it to fulfill a lifelong dream? Is it to enrich the lives of your customers? When you break it all down, you might be surprised at what your intention really is.

Peeling Back the Layers

Let's say you're a salon owner. You might say you own a salon because you love doing people's hair. Dig a little deeper and you might say it's because you love making people feel beautiful. But is that really the thing that makes you go to bed with a smile on your face?

The workshop went beyond all of that and sought out the source of motivation for having a business. Whether it's your intention to make people wildly joyous, to instill confidence in others, or to make the impossible, possible – it's important to keep asking yourself why you do this, until you find the thing that brings out your passion for entrepreneurship.

Only once you understand the driving force behind your initiative can you live every moment as a business owner with that true intention in mind; the end result being that you’re much happier and more successful.

The Fun Part

I left this workshop with a mission statement that gives me shivers when I say it. Talking about motivating – it's up on my wall where I can't miss it and it will now be a constant reminder of just how awesome being an entrepreneur can be.

So, the fun part is the incredible energy that comes when you remember the true reason you started your company in the first place. I'm daring all of you to find that place of exhilaration and embody it in all aspects of your business. Even though you work really hard, you can have fun every day – so why not start now?