Buy Local: Using the Trend to Your Advantage

Many British Columbian’s love to shop, dine out and enjoy great services, but they don’t always use independently owned local businesses. With large multinational companies sharing the same street as your local small businesses, it can be hard to compete.

But the ‘buy local’ trend is gaining momentum. A report released by BDC found that 45 percent of shoppers actively sought locally made products. A figure they expect to grow. 

In fact, the growing support for buying local businesses has caused some big brands to ‘unbrand’. There was much controversy over Seattle’s Capitol Hill Starbucks, which adopted a ‘community personality’. A move that made many question thier transparency and authenticity, but also proved the marketing power of the ‘Buy Local’ trend. 

So, how can you take advantage of this? 

7 Ways to Benefit from Buy Local

1.    Buy Local Yourself

Your customers won’t take you seriously if you do not live by your own marketing. Buy as many of your goods and services from other local businesses, for both your home and your business. 

2.    Connect with Local Businesses on Social Media

Most large chains and franchises are not great at social media. They’re simply not connected with their community. Use this advantage to connect with other small businesses in your area and help grow awareness of each other’s business.

3.    Blog About Your Region

Use your blog to talk about local community issues. A local planning application controversy, a local family in need, a great caf