Branding for New Business: The Key Components of Brand Development

At our studio, the majority of clientele we work with are seeking ways to create a meaningful brand for their business. Whether they are starting out, or are already seasoned business owners, the most common problem they face is brand development and how to create a brand that is sustainable.

It’s important to understand the value of brand strategy, going beyond the aesthetic components of design and creating value for both you and your customers. Below, we discuss three important points to consider when developing your brand.

Know Your Audience

It’s not enough to say your audience is anyone with a wallet. An attempt to please everyone inevitably leads to pleasing nobody. Take the time to draw up an ideal customer avatar. What are this person’s likes and dislikes? What are their spending habits?

Asking questions and forming a complete picture will help uncover your target audience. This, in turn, will help you define your brand. It’s important to steer clear of gender stereotypes during this exercise. Think of the individual and the habits that form their daily routine. This will help you pinpoint and target a refined group of individuals who will be the champions of your brand.

Define the Goal

Now that you’ve crafted your ideal customer avatar, it’s time to move on to defining your goal. How to attract the right customer and gain traction depends entirely on what your goal is. I recommend defining a few tangible milestones to achieve your desired outcome. Whether you’re trying to communicate authenticity and professionalism, increase customer acquisition or boost sales, it’s important to define how key elements of the overall identity will help reach your targets.

 Find Your Voice

What is it that separates you from others in your industry? Why should a customer choose you over a similar product or service? Write down attributes that define what makes your brand a unique one in the marketplace. This can often be an overlooked part of the branding process. No matter how crowded your industry, there is something unique that will define you. Push this to the forefront, use it as your strength and show customers why it’s important.

Learn More

Looking for help developing your brand? We have put together a Branding for New Business Toolkit you can download to help you on the journey.