Are You Taking a Professional Approach to Business?

When we teach our clients about fat loss, and nutrition we usually include a lesson about physiology that teaches them that there is never a zero change in body fat levels at any one point.
We reinforce that EVERYTHING they do is leading them down a path…

A Professional Approach

Every time they do something that is aligned with what they want, they are taking a step forward towards their goals. In order to be successful, all they really need to do is consistently take small steps forward in the direction they want to go. Similarly there are bad habits, as there is no standing still on this path and you can take a step back from your goals in the same manner. Your business is the same way. Think of your business (or yourself) as having a “gauge” of, for example, your professionalism.

Every interaction you have is going to move the needle to “more professional” or “less professional”. Which is essentially “more business” or “less business”, and there is never an interaction that doesn’t have an impact on this. We spend hours each week in our business interacting with our clients. Most of the time they may not remember what we say to them, but they do remember how we make them feel. This includes lifting them up when they’re having a bad day to going that extra mile to help them with their nutrition. By consistently leaving our clients with a positive and professional feeling leaving our gym they will be more likely to refer their friends and colleagues to us and be an ambassador to our culture, environment, and brand.

This doesn’t happen if we are checking the time, thinking about other things on our to-do list, have our hands in your pockets, arms crossed, or chatting with co-workers in the corner.  It’s every little detail from the first impression the client has when they walk in, how clean it is to what’s the first thing we ask them. As this gauge is always moving, it’s up to you to consistently take small steps forward to improve your skills, meet and/or exceed your customer’s expectations and repeatedly re-earn their business.

A rising tide lifts all boats. And a professional is in it for the long term health of both their clients and the business they work for.

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