Are you Pitch Perfect? The Funding Roadshow is Coming to Town

On May 23, The Funding Roadshow is hosting its 2014 Vancouver event, right here in Small Business BC’s offices, at 601 W Cordova Street. It’s objective? To be a platform for entrepreneurs, like you, to present your business ideas in order to raise awareness, receive candid feedback and potentially gain funding from the panel of industry experts. 

What’s the Deal?

There is an opportunity for 20 companies to pitch to a funding panel. Each company will have 5 minutes to pitch and 7 minutes for Q&A. In the pitch you must cover:

  • The problem you’re looking to solve with your product
  • Your market potential, including metrics
  • Your solution to the problem: your products uniqueness, features and value-add
  • Your business model
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Your competition
  • Your financial projections and facts backing up this data
  • Evidence of progress to date
  • The funding you are asking for. 

Who’s Invited?

Small Business BC and Fundica are looking for small businesses that have a strong technology component.

On the day of the pitch, businesses will be divided into two streams:

Stream 1 

  • You have an expected revenue growth of at least 50%
  • You are looking idea and/or seed funding
  • You have shareholders under 40 years of age.

Stream 2

  • You have at least $150,000 in revenue
  • You have an expected growth of at least 50%
  • You are looking for seed and/or growth funding.
  • Your shareholders are any age.

Members of the funding panel include government organizations, private lenders, angel investors, banks and venture capitalists. Each offering their unique opinion on how you should approach your business and where there are opportunities to seek funding or investment.

Registration Process

To be considered for the pitch process, you must first complete the ‘Company Application’ form on the Funding Roadshow website. Once you have completed the form, it will be reviewed by Fundica for your eligibility. 

If selected you will be asked to pay an $85 registration fee and send your pitch deck. You will then be notified of your pitch time for May 23, 2014. 

What You Could Gain

If you are selected, in addition to potentially receiving funding from the investment panel, you will also be eligible to win:

  • Round-trip airfare to San Francisco and the opportunity to pitch to Venture Capitalists in northern California
  • A cloud infrastructure services package valued at $6,000 (courtesy of CANARIE)
  • A $4,000 value R&D tax credit financing solution (courtesy of R&D Capital)

Not bad for 12 minutes work!

Not Ready to Pitch But Interested in Funding?

Part of Fundica’s aim for the event is to help educate entrepreneurs on funding opportunities. They are therefore offering five free seminars. Even if you’re not quite ready to pitch for funding, these seminars will provide great information to help you find the financing that fits your business. Titles and times for the seminars are: 

10:15 – Successful Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs – FundRazr
11:15 – Financing and understanding refundable tax credits – R&D Capital
12:30 – Understanding Funding – Fundica
2:00 – Successful Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs – FundRazr
2:30 – Delivering Transformative Technologies to Shape the Future of Canadian ICT – CANARIE
3:30 – Start-Up Financing Working: Let us help you start your business today – CYBF

To attend these free seminars you must register for a ‘General Admission’ ticket on the Funding Roadshow website.

Building on the Success of 2013

From a survey of participants from the 2013 Funding Roadshow, Fundica found that three months after the show 39 percent of entrepreneurs were offered funding and 30 percent of the panelists had offered funding to the entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs also commented that their pitch to the panel helped them take a step back to analyze their business model and spread the word about their business to a different type of audience. 

Investor panelists observed that it was great to meet other funders and understand how they make decisions and complete deals. They also commented that they enjoyed helping the entrepreneurs develop their business concept and would be interested in providing mentorship on going.

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