4 Ways The Newly Launched Export Navigator Pilot Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Export Advisors work with you to determine whether exporting is right for your business.

One of the first steps of the Export Navigator is an assessment process. Export Advisors carefully assess your current situation – such as products, services, and business model – and your ability to commit to a long-term export strategy. Export Advisors in the four pilot regional communities are happy to guide you through the assessment process and determine your export readiness.

1. Is Your Product or Service Suitable for New Markets?

New markets present terrific opportunities for BC small and medium businesses. However, there are different languages, cultures, business practices, preferences, etc. that will need to be considered. You’ll need to research your in-market competition, determine if you can price competitively from BC, and whether you need to adapt your product, packaging, etc. Export Navigator walks you through exercises to estimate these costs so your evaluation is more accurate.

2. Focus Your Market Research on the Important Export Topics

Growing your customer base will take research to determine the right partners, pricing and marketing strategy. Duties, legalities for the product, ingredients and even the package size must be considered to make your product or service a success in a new country. The Export Advisors will help focus your research on the important aspects that are unique to your desired market(s).

3. Introduce You to the Right Service Providers That are Specific to Your Needs

Export Navigator gives you access to a resource catalogue of export-related services, programs, and information. As soon as you complete the assessment process, Export Advisors can quickly match your business with the right service providers to get your export journey started.

4. Continue to Grow Your Business Around the Globe

Once you successfully begin selling to a new market, the journey has just begun! You’ll need to maintain that new market presence, but you can also use the lessons, innovations and experience to pursue new markets around the globe.

Export Navigator can help re-focus your export research, navigate any issues along the way and continue to support your company as you grow your business outside the BC market and introduce your products and services to new customers around the globe!