5 Steps to Closing a Sale

Converting an interested customer to an actual sale can be a challenging feat, especially in a crowded marketplace. However, there are many tricks to help close a sale, each promising you the magic words to conjure up an instant contract; but selling is not magic, it's much more of a science.  

Below we've outlined the five basic steps to converting more prospects into clients. 

1. Art of Small Talk

Your first contact with a client should be about information gathering: guiding the conversation to find out the client's issues, goals and history.  While asking these probing questions make sure to keep a friendly chit-chat atmosphere so the client does not feel pressured. This is not a sales pitch, it's a query to find out more about this potential client, and if your business would really be appropriate to help them.

2. The Trusted Expert

The next step is to set yourself up as a credible source of information. By asking the client their views and then providing information, the client will feel like they're having a conversation and not receiving a pitch. Demonstrate what you know about a topic by asking the questions which highlight your experience and knowledge.  


"Will you be using social media to promote your business?  I have installed this excellent WordPress plug in for another client which they find really easy to use."

3. Find the Problem

Your product or service should be the answer to your client's problem.  Many of your potential clients will not realise that they have a problem which needs resolving, you must therefore use small talk to define their issue and your knowledge as an expert in your industry to clearly highlight their issue.   Also try to broaden the scope and depth of the issue so you understand fully what they need to resolve.

4. Show that you are the Solution

In a crowded marketplace it is easy to lose out when price becomes the deciding factor. The element that will give you an edge over the competition is the relationship that you build with your client; that relationship starts from the very first conversation you have with them. When speaking to your client you must show that you not only have the solution, you are the solution.  The solution should be a combination of the product/service you are offering, your expert knowledge and the relationship that you as the business owner build with them.

5. Create a Call to Action

Give your potential client a reason to act today and give you money. Be careful in using discounts as an enticement; instead raise the value of your services by showing that if the client books your service or buys your product it will result in an instant gain for them.

Also, remember that not every person you meet is or should become a client of yours. Often you won’t be the right person to provide them with a product or service, but if you refer them to someone who can help them, they will often remember that and return the favour. Sales is all about relationships.