5 Quick Tips to Help Keep Holiday Stress in Check

While the holidays can mean relaxation for some, the holiday season can be the busiest time of year for some small businesses owners and employees.

Excessive overtime hours to meet year-end goals, financial pressures and calendars overscheduled with holiday parties and commitments are a recipe for stress.

Here are five quick tips to help you enjoy the festive season while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Make Some Time for Physical Activity

While physical activity is good for overall health, it is also a good strategy for relieving stress. You can even schedule regular physical activity right into your holiday plans: Try a new winter activity with your friends and family such as snow shoeing, cross country skiing or ice skating.

2. Eat Well

Too many sweet treats can upset your blood sugar levels and cause mood swings. Aim to eat a balanced diet and try to maintain a regular eating schedule with regular meals and healthy snacks in between. If you are throwing a holiday party, offer some healthier options such as veggies and low fat dip, dried fruit and nuts, and beverages low in sugar.

3. Treat Yourself to Some Meaningful “Time Out”

Devoting time to you is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Do something you enjoy—read a book, go for a walk, spend time with friends or family, daydream, meditate, listen to your favourite music, or indulge in any other activity that is relaxing for you.

4. Set Realistic Limits on Spending

We often lose touch with how much we really spend over the holidays. Setting spending limits on gifts or organizing a Secret Santa can help relieve some of the financial burden of gift-giving.

5. Give Guilt a Vacation

It’s just another holiday stress. If you do over indulge, don’t worry; you’ll have lots of time in the New Year to get back on track.

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