5 New Tech Trends That Will Boost Your Business

Staying current with the fast-paced world of technology isn’t easy for anyone, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Paying attention to evolving trends in other industries like technology, even if they affect your business, is likely not a luxury you can easily afford.

Here are the best four new technology trends that can help you as an entrepreneur or small business owner today.


As a small business owner, you know the high cost of healthcare. Research indicates that the premiums for single employees can cost $6,025, while workers with families can cost $16,834 on average. And if your employees aren’t healthy, those expenses skyrocket.

Wearable technology is an attractive healthcare aid because they are portable enough to fit on the body comfortably. These modest accessories may cause your employees to pay more attention to their physical well-being. It seems innocuous, but people who embrace healthcare wearables start thinking about their level of daily exercise and how much they eat.

Consider incentives to entice your workers to embrace wearables, as the highest healthcare costs stem from people who aren’t in good shape. These wearables can help you enhance your bottom line while helping your employees feel better.

The Cloud

Sure, you’ve been hearing about the cloud for years now. The change is that it’s no longer just theoretical. Now that web-based software is a mature technology, it’s a tremendous business asset you should leverage to optimize all areas of your organization.

Your company undoubtedly uses text documents and spreadsheets every day, and cloud providers can help cut the hassle of coordinating work. They understand that collaborative online access to documents is much more valuable than the archaic single-user methods.

One of the best ways to leverage the cloud involves money management. Online accounting software has come of age as the best solution to daily financial tracking, and can simplify life for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You’ll enjoy the benefits of easy invoicing and reduced accounting mistakes, and the software may even point out holes in your portfolio and cash supply that you can address.

Touch Kiosks

Even though tablets aren’t a new technology now, the magic of touch continues to appeal to potential customers. Many cable channels have giant interactive displays that allow on-air talent to access information in a single swipe. People love that.

Most people don’t realize this, but touch kiosks are relatively inexpensive to build and operate. Since they don’t require supervision, the only costs are in the manufacturing and maintenance phases. You could construct an inexpensive one for your storefront to put in areas with heavy foot traffic.

A touch kiosk will make your business stand out as cutting-edge, and it’ll become a consistent revenue generator that requires little daily oversight. No matter what products you sell, this device will more than justify the cost of purchase.

Data Collection

You’re not the National Security Agency, so you probably don’t realize how much information your clients are willing to provide. All you have to do is ask them — or, at the very least, notify them. Add a check box to the form that signifies that subscribers agree to modest data mining.

As long as they’re onboard, you should investigate this industry. Data collection is a mature industry now. Analysts can mine data to determine which of your sales pitches work the best. Better yet, they can explain why. All you need are clients who demonstrate the willingness to let themselves be guinea pigs. Then, you can pick their brains and learn how your customers think during each potential transaction. This is invaluable data that you can collate to maximize earnings.


Keeping up with technology isn’t easy for busy people like you, but a lot of modern advances play to your strengths. Using any or all of these new technologies should help boost your bottom line for any starting or growing business.

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