5 Entrepreneurs Talk About Fear-Busting Benefits Of Mentorship

All entrepreneurs are born fearless right? The answer is a resounding no.

Everyone feels fear in their lives, but it’s how they deal with it that determines their success. Think about something you’ve felt fearful about recently in your own life. Did you choose to use it as a catalyst for self-growth or a suppressant to stay the same?

Most entrepreneurs choose to be courageous – they take action despite fear.

So what’s the one secret that business owners use to turn fear into courage and strive towards success? Mentorship.

Mentorship is one of the simplest ways to feel more self-confident, supported, and directed.

Here are some inspiring benefits of mentorship with quotes from 5 courageous entrepreneurs.

1. Mentors Gives You A Change In Perception

Have you ever felt completely and entirely sure about something but then found out later on that you were wrong? A mentor from a formal mentorship program is another entrepreneur who can give you a fresh opinion about your business so you can see things differently and check you are going in the right direction.

Mhairi Petrovic, founder of Out-Smarts Marketing, says, “As an entrepreneur it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. My mentors have always been able to see things from a different perspective and help me stay on track.”

2. Mentors Help You Set Challenging And Achievable Goals

According to the scholarly article, New Directions in Goal-Setting Theory, if goals are seen as a challenge instead of something to fear, they are more likely to be achieved. Working with a mentor allows you to set challenging goals that are achievable.

Chanone Ryane, owner of Chala Yoga, says, “Mentorship has helped me to achieve my goals in a more efficient timeline with a clearer vision.”

3. Mentors Help You Avoid Learning From Trial And Error

Mentors from formal mentorship programs are entrepreneurs who have been in business for a certain period of time. They can therefore guide you from their own failures and successes, so you go through less hurdles yourself.

Cathy Kuzel, founder of The Connected Woman, says, “I didn’t have the opportunity to work with a mentor when I built my first two businesses. I wish I had. Everything I’ve learned has been through trial and error, a desire to succeed and the ability to ask for help. [Being a mentor], I now pass on those same life and business lessons to the next generation of entrepreneurs and in turn, their enthusiasm, passion and quest for knowledge keeps me energized and current.”

4. Mentors Help You Increase Your Network

If you have a successful connection with your mentors, they are more likely to act as advocates and introduce you to key contacts in their networks. Increasing your network is imperative to small business success, as your business will largely rely on referrals, awareness and support from those around you.

Jesse Kaufman, co-founder of ProStory, says, “Mentorship naturally extends the opportunity to expand your professional network. By inviting me to events with local business professionals, my mentor made introductions that ultimately led to my recruitment on the board of a not-for-profit organization.”

5. Mentors Help You Develop In All Aspects Of Your Life

Have you ever had an emotionally draining day at work that didn’t leak into other areas of your personal life? Generally, all aspects of our life are tied together, and one change in one area will affect the other. Mentors can give you guidance on how to balance your life so that your core values are respected.

Vik Khanna, chairman and co-founder, National Education Technologies, says, “Mentors become part of our DNA; we incorporate their lessons and gain from their experience. (Mentors) have helped my pursuit of knowledge and molded my core values and character.”

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