5 Email Marketing Tricks You Need to Know

With emails dominating contemporary communication, email marketing has become an indispensable part of marketing campaigns for any business. Yes, you can talk about social media today, but when it comes to formal communication, email has become fundamental in the modern digital world. The coolest about them is that using this method is not only effective, but affordable.

Are you looking forward to coming up with your brand’s email marketing campaign, but you’re in need of advice on where to start?

I’ve summarized six tricks on email marketing that have worked for me – and they’re sure to work for you and your small business, too!

Create Concise, Impactful Emails

During my initial days as an entrepreneur, I used to use long email bodies to get my point across. It turned out that people are too busy to go through a large amount of text. When I changed my strategy to writing concise, crisp email messages, I got a much better response from my clients.

Impactful emails that are rich in meaningful content and short with words set the perfect stage for a successful email marketing campaign. Another trick is to make sure you have an enticing subject line that will compel your audience to open your email.

Get Your Timing Right

Timing is one of the most important points when it comes to a successful email marketing campaign. It’s much more impactful to send emails when your audience is most likely to check the inbox.

Timing plays a significant role in making or breaking your campaign. For me, the best time to send the marketing emails was from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM. When I made the change, my marketing campaign received an immediate boost.

Offer Freebies and Gifts

We all love freebies and it’s always nice to receive gifts. My freebie emails receive the maximum number of opening clicks, so I make sure to pamper my audience with free gifts multiple times a year.

The free gift here doesn’t have to be something huge. In fact, the word “free” is usually enough to make anybody open up the email. Just make it a point to offer something attractive and practical.

For example, if you run a restaurant, a complimentary chocolate lava cake would be enough to bring a heartfelt smile to your audience’s’ face.

Make Them Feel Like Part of a Community

One of the smartest ways to make your leads open and read your email messages is to make them feel that they are a part of your community.

It’s important that you create a bustling community and actively engage with your leads there. Try creating a forum or starting groups on your social media channels. The more your audience feels connected to you, the better their response will be to anything you send.

Follow the Latest Email Marketing Trends

The email marketing world is continuously evolving and there are always new email marketing trends coming to the forefront that correspond with the habits, behaviours and expectations of your leads.

The most important trends to follow this year are:

  • Making your emails mobile-friendly
  • Using moving words and gifs in the email text
  • Incorporating social media content in the email body

Personalize It!

Finally, nothing can beat the appeal of a personalized email campaign. Email marketing messages that address your lead and emails that celebrate special occasions of your lead’s life generate a sense of warmth that isn’t possible with generic emails.

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