5 Benefits of Using CRM Software

Having trouble keeping an accurate record of your client interactions? Whether it’s online, via email, phone calls or even social media, customers have several ways to reach out to your business. When you have multiple staff interacting with these same customers, the problem can quickly become compounded.

This is where Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software plays a starring role. It was created to help businesses manage their customer data in an efficient and highly organized way. When a client interacts with your business, the record is logged in the CRM, unlocking greater efficiency in how you service your customers.

Here are five benefits to using CRM software in your business:

Getting Organized

The more well-rounded a picture you can paint of your customers, the easier it will be to identify your “ideal” customer and provide them with a tailored experience. A CRM system collects all this data in one convenient place, accessible by all your team members. This ultimately results in more efficiency for your team and a more positive customer experience.

Enhanced Communications

A CRM system puts all of your employees on the same footing when communicating with clients. In previous years, if a member of your team that handled a certain file was absent, the customer service for that file would suffer. Now, any member of your team can seamlessly pick up the thread and provide the same high level of service your customers expect.

Improved Context

With a CRM, your employees can instantly view all available activity regarding purchases, preferences and the unique circumstances of clients. Team members can leave notes on customer files to advise others of special needs to be met, or additional info that will help service the file. It instantly takes your customer service game to new heights, improving client retention and spreading positive word of mouth.

Increased Automation

Completing a sale tends to bring lots of little tasks along with it. Forms need to be filled out, reports sent, and legal issues sometimes need to be addressed. CRM software has evolved to such an extent it can automate most tasks relating to the sales process. With a one-time configuration, your CRM system will handle these tasks automatically, leaving your team more time to track down further leads and provide customer service to existing clients.

Raise Your Social Game

Did you know – some CRM systems will even interact with your business’ social media accounts? Social CRM is the latest innovation in the CRM sphere, adding a further level of automation to your marketing efforts. Think of the functionality of Hootsuite, combined with the customer data benefits you would expect from a conventional CRM. It enables businesses to create custom content based on reliable, qualitative social user data taken from your social media accounts.