4 Simple Home Office Tips to Increase Productivity

Entrepreneurs and business owners know that when you need to work at home, sometimes you need more than a cup of coffee to stay focused, and even that may not be enough to keep you productive all day.

Your bed is literally steps away and there are countless of distractions at home. How can you resist succumbing to the tempting option of procrastinating – or a nap?

But it’s possible to get down to business, even if you’re not in a stand-alone office. Here are four simple ways you can increase your productivity, even when you’re working at home.

1. Avoid Working in Your Bedroom

For many people, working in the comfort of your own home is far more preferable than working in an office, especially if it means a long commute or dress clothes. However, trying to write a business report in your bedroom is very different than typing away in your living room or den.

Your bedroom is your haven of comfort where you rest and rejuvenate from the stress of starting or running your own business. If you change your bedroom atmosphere from relaxation to work mode, you may ruin the place where you decompress from everyday stress.

Having an escape from business is essential to being able to recharge and work even harder the next day, and to foster creativity so you can build an innovative business. Make sure you protect your safe place – your bedroom – by keeping your office out of it.

2. Put Your Desk Near Sunlight

One of the best parts of working from home is that you have control over your environment. Use this freedom by customizing your home office so you can work easier.

What could be a more perfect source for natural lighting than a window? Sunlight is proven to boost mood and alertness, and helps in regulating your body clock. Natural light can improve your sleep quality and boost cognitive performance, so when you work, make sure you’re doing your best to enjoy the sunshine.

3. Use Colours to Make Working Easier

There are several colour theory studies that correlate the effects of certain colors with our emotions, thoughts and actions. Try experimenting to see if stimulating your environment with different colours helps you work better.

For example, if you work long hours, green may be helpful because it’s said to relax your eyes. Blue and yellow may spark creativity and improve cognitive function, while red is said to increase your heart rate and blood flow to increase energy and excitement.

Seeing whether colour theory is right for you is as simple as trying out using a red mug, blue sticky notes or green desktop background image to see if it affects how your day goes.

4. Eat Some Cinnamon

Some studies have shown smelling or consuming cinnamon may increase alertness and brain function. If you’re having trouble concentrating or aren’t feeling like you’re performing at your optimal potential, light cinnamon candles or better, snack on cinnamon gum. You may enjoy significant benefits, and cinnamon is delicious, too.

This post is written by Jane Dizon in collaboration with Avanti Custom Home Builders.

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