3 Reasons to Take a Vacation This Spring Break

Running a small business can be 24/7 job. Even with a talented team in place, many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable stepping away from their business for even a short time.

But time away from your business can be a good thing. Remember nobody does their best work if they’re too tired or so focused on the minute detail, they cannot see the bigger picture.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons you should take that well-deserved vacation this Spring Break.

1. The Brain Needs Down-Time

You probably came up with your business idea when you had a lot less on your plate. You had time to research, to explore your ideas and to develop the core values and concepts of your business.

Since starting the business, you probably can’t remember the last time you had time to take a step back and think of those groundbreaking ideas and refine your business processes.

An article in the Scientific American describes how naps, meditation, nature walks and prolonged breaks actually increase productivity and encourages creativity. Simply put, if you want to run your business effectively and on all cylinders, your brain needs sufficient downtime.

2. It Will Empower Your Team

You may have built the perfect team, but how efficiently do they work without you? As the owner of the company it is your responsibility as a leader to challenge, empower and motivate your staff.

But when you are working in the business all the time, it can be hard for the team to thrive.

Give them the space to address challenges, solve problems and let your team feel how good they are.

And trusting your staff to run your business for you will not only strengthen their development and confidence, it will encourage stronger bonds among the whole team.

3. A Leader in Life as well as Work

As important as it is for your own health, to take a break, it is equally important to encourage your team to take care of themselves. After all you do not want the entire team burning out!

As a leader it is your responsibility to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’, you cannot tell a team member to look after themselves, without looking after yourself.

So go on, give the team and its leader a needed and deserved break and return with newfound energy, focus and creativity to transform the world.