Cindy Christensen

Cindy started her career in customs brokerage in 1995. She began working weekends and overnight shifts for a large Canadian Corporate broker and quickly moved her way up to being a Customs Rater and Release Specialist. After learning the ropes by working in the trenches Cindy decided to further her education and return to college. At the University of the Fraser Valley, she achieved a Diploma in Computer Information Systems. This background in the technology field gives Cindy a special perspective when developing processes and procedures within the customs brokerage industry. During her time in college, she continued work within the brokerage community.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Cindy gives Community Customs Brokers the background and history required to flourish with a new and fresh initiative to support their clients in the best way possible. Cindy inherited her entrepreneurial spirit from her father. She watched him build success for their family through his hard work and dedication to his employees and customers. Her strong work ethic and determination for success not only for herself but for her clients and colleagues drives her to always push for the best solution, the newest tools, and the greatest results.

Cindy has a passion for helping other small business owners succeed through sharing her experience and knowledge.