How to Work from a Remote Paradise

It’s been a long snowy winter, and a cold wet spring. So, dreams of tropical islands or a trip down under has probably crossed your mind. But what about your business? Can you afford to take time off? Maybe you don’t need to. If most of your work is through […]

The Personal Business of Being in Business: 4 Ways to Survive Your First Year

As any new business owner knows, the first year in business is exciting, challenging, rewarding, and very scary. I would find myself questioning whether I had made the right decision, my mind whispering fears of failing into my ears. People always ask “how is your business doing”, but your answer […]

How to Build a Business While Working Full-Time

I recently celebrated the day I decided to become an Independent Personal Trainer. I began this business venture already working full-time Monday to Thursday doing 10 hour shifts in the evening. This left me with mornings and weekends to study for my certification, design my website, maintain my social media […]

5 Strategies to Master the Art of Delegation

It can be tempting to do everything yourself as a small business owner. After all, you know your products and services, how you want it delivered, marketed and even how you want it paid for. So when it comes to scaling your business, it’s hard for you to let go […]

3 Reasons to Take a Vacation This Spring Break

Running a small business can be 24/7 job. Even with a talented team in place, many entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable stepping away from their business for even a short time. But time away from your business can be a good thing. Remember nobody does their best work if they’re too tired […]

Achieving Work/Life Balance During the Holidays

Many people dream of working from home. Getting up when you want. Checking your emails in bed, while sipping your tea and watching the news. Taking advantage of the downtime by walking the dog or visiting friends. Fitting in those need-to-do chores in between conference calls, so you don’t have […]

Make Work-Life Balance a Priority for You and Your Employees in 2014

Owning a business can be hectic, but do you feel you have balance in your life? What about your employees? Are you even sure what “balance” is? Answering these questions can make a big impact on productivity, morale and your bottom line.

6 Ways to Buckle Down When Summer Calls

Remember that friend your parents always said was a bad influence? Yep, that’s summer. I’m sure you’ve noticed how the recent explosion of beautiful weather can be a major distraction.