Getting Incorporated: Essential Steps and Legal Tips

Attend this seminar to learn about the benefits of corporations, how to incorporate your business and legal tips that will help you with “life after incorporation”. This seminar is ideal for anyone who wants to get incorporated properly and learn how to carry on business as a corporate entity! Learning […]

Business Finance 1: Understanding Financial Statements

Financial statements can often seem like another language, but understanding them is necessary to the success of your business. Learning Objectives: Decipher balance sheets. Interpret income statements. Understand how to make your earnings work for your business. Identify the difference between market and book value, amortization and capital cost allowance, […]

Anatomy of a Business Plan: What you Need to Get Started

What is a business plan? What do I include in it? How do I organize my plan so that lenders and investors understand my ideas? In its simplest form, a business plan is a roadmap for your business. This roadmap will outline your goals and how you will achieve them. […]

Key Employment Law Issues for Small Business

The modern workplace environment presents unique challenges for employers. Issues such as bullying / harassment, drug use, social media, and accommodation of disabilities arise unexpectedly, and with increasing frequency. Is your business prepared to respond to these issues if they arise within your team? Whether you’re a new business, or […]

Hire the Right Candidate

Do you have trouble finding great staff to help your business grow? Never hired before and now sure where to start? Your search for the right employees starts before you draft a job description. First you must understand what makes your business a great place to work. Then you must […]

Publicity for Your Business: Traditional and New Media

Good publicity is one of the most cost effective ways to boost the profile of your business. Whether it’s getting on the cover of a magazine, interviewed on television, or being a guest on a podcast, every business should be taking advantage of opportunities in the media. Harnessing the power […]

TaxSense for Your Business

Whether you’re starting or looking to grow your business, it can be hard to know what the right business structure is for your business This seminar will help you understand the differences between the structures including, what you can deduct from your income, available tax benefits and when it’s time […]

Business Viability 2: The Cash Flow Forecast

Just because your business is profitable, does not mean it is viable. Cash flow is arguably the most crucial part of your financial plan. Without strong cash flow, you run the risk of going broke before achieving your break-even point. Learning Objectives: Discover the three factors that determine how cash […]

Business Viability 1: The Break Even Analysis

Many entrepreneurs launch businesses based solely based on the idea alone. Successful businesses are profitable, or have the potential for profit. Come join Bill Erichson to learn how to identify the costs to start and operate your business for the first year… and then calculate the starting capital and annual […]

TaxSense for Incorporating your Business

As your business matures, and the realities of your legal and tax situations change. So, when is it a good idea to incorporate? Learn how a registered corporation can help separate you from your business or partners while optimizing tax benefits This seminar will help you: Figure out the advantages […]