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Small Business BC September Meetup

This Month`s Topic

This month, learn how you can successfully integrate social responsibility and sustainability into your business, making a meaningful impact in the world around you and on your bottom line. Our speakers will share what resources are available to help with your efforts, and how organizations are effectively integrating social conscience into their business models.

Guest Speakers (so far):

April Bellia, Owner/President of Granola Girl

Meg O’Shea, Green Economy Community Coordinator at Thriving Vancouver.

How It Works

Staying up-to-date and establishing yourself as a key player in your network are crucial to starting and growing a successful business. Take advantage of Small Business BC’s brand new monthly meetups, so you can stay on top of business trends and mingle with your customers, clients, like-minded peers and local industry influencers.

Each month these casual events that address common opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face today, and leverage networking sessions with valuable connections.

Small Business BC Meetups are located at Small Business BC’s Lower Mainland location at Waterfront Station. Each month’s event will have a different theme and will also feature guest speakers who will share their experiences and provide valuable insight into how you can achieve your goals. Topics will include starting up, growing your business, and international trade.

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