Small Business Series – Things A Lender Looks For In Business Plans

You have a great business idea. Your family and friends think you will be successful – but – have you explored the many challenges your start-up may face? Do you have sufficient funds to cover all the start-up costs? What happens if you don’t have any customers in the first few months?
In this seminar you will:
• Identify the key areas for a start-up to be successful
• Identify the many challenges a start-up may encounter
• Learn to mitigate many of these challenges
• Learn to develop a well-prepared business plan
• Understand what a banker must see to approve your loan request

Location: Richmond Public Library

Date/Time: May 31st 2017 | 6:30pm – 7:30pm


Event Contact Details

Host Company: Richmond Public Library

Contact Name: Maggie Lukban

Contact Email: maggie.lukban@yourlibrary.ca