Small Business Series – Identifying Your Customers: Key To Market Research

You have a business idea that everyone says you should pursue. That’s encouraging, but how will you figure out if there’s a large enough market for your product or service to support you in your own business? Or, if you’ve already launched and the clients aren’t beating down your door, how can you find them?

In this seminar, you will:
• Learn how to determine who your customers are and how to reach them
• Learn about the different benefits and drawbacks of a variety of market research tools
• Identify the best market research approach for your own business

Location: Richmond Public Library

Date/Time: May 17th 2017 | 6:30pm – 7:30pm

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Event Contact Details

Host Company: Richmond Public Library

Contact Name: Maggie Lukban

Contact Email: maggie.lukban@yourlibrary.ca