From Book to Business: Stories that Affect Change

How can telling your story create business opportunities? Stories are important. They affect our brains. Inspired leaders and successful businesses use stories to affect change and promote their products or services.

Learn the three main challenges people face around their own stories. and tips and strategies to combat those challenges.

Embrace your own story and communicate through stories ‘why you do what you do,’ and not just ‘what you do’, Telling your story can change your business and personal life. Genuine storytelling is the best way to stand out, be authentic, and create followers to get behind what you believe. It is a great marketing tool in today’s online world.

Location: Alliance for the Arts & Culture Boardroom #100-938 Howe Street,, Vancouver, BC (map)

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 |  to

Register at: http://bit.ly/2pdD5Xp

Event Contact Details

Host Company: Nutritious Truth Publishing

Contact Name: Melody Owen

Contact Email: melody@melodyowen.com