Demander Un Expert Web

Optimisez l’efficacité de votre site web Besoin d’aide pour créer votre entreprise en ligne? Ou peut-être êtes-vous en difficulté avec votre site existant et vous avez besoin d’un avis professionnel sur la façon d’accroître son efficacité? Que vous planifiez de créer votre site web ou que vous cherchiez à améliorer […]

A Common Sense Approach to IT Security for Small Business.

The internet is full of amazing websites, informative articles and has revolutionized how we live and do business. Threats come in many types and they evolve in an everlasting cyber battle. General Small Business Cyber Security Statistics 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small business. Only 14 percent of small businesses […]

How to Use Analytics to Understand Your Online Audience

Thanks to tools like Google Analytics, it’s easy to pull the statistics on who is visiting your website (i.e., their age, location, gender, etc.) and create a general profile of your audience.

Cybersecurity: Why it Shouldn’t be Overlooked and How to Protect Your Business

Client records, accounting history, secrets to the trade – what would happen to your small business if it was all stolen or you suddenly couldn’t access it? For many small businesses, the issue of cybersecurity is often eclipsed by other business priorities that hoard the company budget. Particularly here in British Columbia.

Grow Your Business With Automated Scheduling

Running a successful small business means knowing how best to invest your time and resources to deliver results. You need to ensure your calendar is fully booked to make money, but the actual administrative task of scheduling can be time consuming. Consider automated scheduling.

5 Overlooked Little Things That Impact Your Small Business

Some of the biggest challenges for small businesses are often ones neither owners nor employees see coming. In a lot of cases, it’s the little details that can drive a business’ success. Small issues may either slip by unnoticed or get overlooked, but these things can greatly impact your small […]

How to Design Your Website (When You’re Not a Web Designer)

Every business should have a website. It’s an essential home base that your business needs to have online so that your customers can find your business, learn about why your business is different and access information that will make them choose you over your competitors. In fact, some businesses are […]

Why Should Canadian Businesses Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

To say that online business is on the rise in Canada would be a gross understatement. The reality is that online businesses have practically taken over traditional brick and mortar businesses and in some cases, left them behind by a mile. In 2014, online businesses in Canada sold $136 billion […]

What You Should Do After a Cyber Breach

You’ve probably heard stories of millions of customers who have been affected by data breaches. Apple, Home Depot and Target – all brands we trust to protect our data – have all had data breaches. But did you know that small businesses can fall victim to data breaches, too? According […]