5 Ways to Get Valuable Client Testimonials

Nothing speaks to a customer more than a testimonial or review. It’s something that cuts through all the marketing jargon and tells you what the product or service is and it’s return on investment. Your marketing tells prospective clients how you can improve their lives – testimonials prove it. To […]

What’s Happening in June 2017 at Small Business BC?

Summer is finally here, which means one thing…summer school! Take advantage of our flexible learning options and access our webinars and Skype appointments, wherever you are this summer. This month’s focus is on growing your business. Start by understanding your financials and go on to learn how to explore new […]

How to Raise your Prices without Losing Clients

Raising your prices can be a difficult decision to make. You are probably worrying about the effects  it will have on your business and the relationship you have with your customer base. However, by taking the time to research your customer base and create an appropriate strategy, the process will […]

Business Networking and Dining Tips

Dining with clients should be an enjoyable experience with the potential for deals to be made. We have compiled a few of tips to give you the confidence at your next networking or dining event:

The Power of a Business Card

In this digital age, people might tell you that business cards are unnecessary. That online platforms have rendered them obsolete and dated. In reality, however, attempts to reinvent business cards for the digital age have gone nowhere. As the Economist observes, even in the trendiest tech gatherings in Silicon […]

How to Increase Revenue When Sales Are Slow

Whether you’re a seasonal business or not, it is inevitable your business will experience quiet periods. Whether it’s an unexpected client departure or an expected seasonal slump, don’t dwell on the negative, see it as an opportunity to experiment with your marketing. And, who knows, maybe in the process you’ll find a new revenue generator that could help your business during its busiest times, too.

Your Reputation is Now Your Brand: Here’s Why It Matters

Long before we had the ability to quickly research Yelp reviews, or skim through someone’s LinkedIn profile, we would turn to our networks to solicit feedback on whether or not a person, or business, was trustworthy. Friends would recommend a great restaurant for dinner, or provide you with the name […]