Small Business Week at Small Business BC

Small Business Week is October 16-20, 2017 and presents a welcome opportunity to acknowledge the contributions entrepreneurs and small business owners make to the Canadian economy, and our local communities. Events are taking place around the country, including here at Small Business BC. Together with the Province of British […]

What’s Happening in June 2017 at Small Business BC?

Summer is finally here, which means one thing…summer school! Take advantage of our flexible learning options and access our webinars and Skype appointments, wherever you are this summer. This month’s focus is on growing your business. Start by understanding your financials and go on to learn how to explore new […]

Restaurant Regulations Made Easy In BC

This guide has been created by the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, in partnership with the Province of BC, to help you understand the government relations that apply to the food service industry in BC. In this guide: Information on all regulations for the industry Plain language explanations for the […]

How to Sell Your Products and Services on BC Bid®

Whether you’re purchasing pens or a bulldozer, it’s almost impossible to do business or operate without buying goods and services. This necessity is as true for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as it is for institutions like the BC Government. With 16 ministries and eight central agencies, the provincial government […]

Import Duties Raised for 72 Countries

On January 1, 2015, the federal government eliminated preferential duty rates on imports from 72 countries. It is a topic that hasn’t been widely discussed beyond the trade community. So, how will it affect your business? Let’s start off by discussing what it is and why these countries have been removed.

Changes to Food Inspection Coming in 2015, Says CFIA

Does your small business import or export food? If so, your business will likely be affected by upcoming regulatory changes that will be implemented under the Safe Food for Canadians Act in 2015.

Import Regulations for Small Business

Navigating the regulations for importing goods to Canada can often be confusing. With the rules frequently changing it is important that you keep up to date on the latest amendments.