9 Secrets to Great Decision Making

While it’s good to be in tune with your gut instinct, you cannot rely entirely on your gut alone. You need to develop a sound process for making those tough decisions. So, what are the secrets to great decision making?

Ask an Insurance Expert

Insurance is often overlooked by small business owners. There are different risks your business may be exposed to, such as slips and falls, fire and water damage, professional error, theft, bodily injury, cyber crimes etc. Did you know that your product or service can be insured? Come talk to our […]

Aboriginal Small Business Resources

This handout provides information on small business start-up and growth support services tailored to Aboriginal entrepreneurs and small business owner needs. The list of services is not exhaustive, but it identifies resources to support all aspects of business start-up and growth.

Confused? Follow These 7 Steps to Business Planning Success

As a Business Planning Advisor, I meet with lots of entrepreneurs full of ideas and energy. They’re always excited to share their dreams and vision for their business. But when I dig a bit deeper and ask questions about how they’ll accomplish their goals, I often hear responses like, “I […]

3 Signs You’re Ready to Productize Your Services

If you’ve noticed the proliferation of online courses, products and programs lately, you may be feeling the pressure to have a digital product to sell. In the last decade of working with online business owners, I’ve had the privilege of seeing behind the scenes of countless online product launches, including […]

Confessions of a Solopreneur

The first time I jumped head-first into being self-employed, I did it without a game plan. Frustrated and struggling to grasp everything I needed to learn about managing myself and a business, I realized much of my suffering could have been be avoided. I’ve collected some business secrets over the […]

What to Charge as a Freelancer

One of the biggest challenges that freelancers face is determining what to charge for their services. Many factors can influence what you ultimately bill your client, such as the quality of your work, what your competitors are charging and your perceived value in the marketplace. Your cost of doing business […]

Do I Have to Be Canadian to Start a Business in B.C.?

If you’re wondering whether you can start a business in British Columbia if you’re not Canadian, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to sort through government regulations to find the answer to this frequently asked question. But it’s essential you know what you can and cannot do when it […]