5 Overlooked Little Things That Impact Your Small Business

Some of the biggest challenges for small businesses are often ones neither owners nor employees see coming. In a lot of cases, it’s the little details that can drive a business’ success. Small issues may either slip by unnoticed or get overlooked, but these things can greatly impact your small […]

How to Lead the Millennial Generation in the Workplace

I find it fascinating that I have spoken to business leaders around the world about many hot topics, but the single constant I’m always asked about is how to lead the millennial generation. Never have we had a single generation of employees that cause leaders to be so perplexed as […]

5 Essential Rules for Choosing an Accountant for Your Small Business

Running a small business, although ultimately rewarding, can also be challenging at times. It is difficult to be great at every part of running your business, which is why developing a proper support system is a key part to your overall success. If finance is not your strong suit, it […]

5 Tips to Successfully Navigate a Proposal Storm

In today’s competitive atmosphere, preparing and submitting proposals is one way to win new projects for your business and generate increased revenue. Unfortunately, it can be hard to forecast when or how many of these opportunities will be issued. Some weeks can be dry, while others are flooded with prospects. […]

How to Design Your Website (When You’re Not a Web Designer)

Every business should have a website. It’s an essential home base that your business needs to have online so that your customers can find your business, learn about why your business is different and access information that will make them choose you over your competitors. In fact, some businesses are […]

3 Simple Ways to Generate More Impulse Sales from Your Retail Space

Small business owners know that buying or renting and maintaining space can be one of the most expensive parts of running a retail storefront. Every square meter of merchandising space counts and ensuring that your space is optimized is key to making more sales. There are some general rules to […]

4 Smart Marketing Essentials for Success

When people ask me what my secret to success is, I always tell them, “There is no secret to success. Everyone makes their own success.” And while that’s true, there’s a little more to achieving your goals than just hard work and perseverance. Marketing is key to creating a small […]

Is Snapchat or Instagram Stories Better for My Business?

There are many social networks small business owners can use to market their business beyond Facebook and Twitter. But it can be hard to keep track of them all when it feels like a new platform is being created every day. If you’ve already used Snapchat for marketing your […]

Why Should Canadian Businesses Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

To say that online business is on the rise in Canada would be a gross understatement. The reality is that online businesses have practically taken over traditional brick and mortar businesses and in some cases, left them behind by a mile. In 2014, online businesses in Canada sold $136 billion […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Basic Digital Marketing

Marketing is fundamental to small business success. Doing it right means promoting your product and service to the right target audience in a compelling way. This will make your customers want to buy from you, which is the end goal of every business. But in the age of the Internet, […]