5 New Tech Trends That Will Boost Your Business

Staying current with the fast-paced world of technology isn’t easy for anyone, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Paying attention to evolving trends in other industries like technology, even if they affect your business, is likely not a luxury you can easily afford. Here are the best four new […]

5 Reasons a Bookkeeper Can Save You Money

If you’re a small business owner, chances are that you’re a fan of the do-it-yourself lifestyle. After all, you went into business for yourself. But while many small business owners love the freedom that owning their own business brings to them, it also means that expenses need to be kept […]

3 Ways to Say “No” to a Bad Customer

In contrary to the famous motto, customers aren’t always right. Though keeping customers happy and expanding your customer base is a vital part of any successful business, there may be some customers that test your ability to provide positive customer service. We often forget that as business owners, we can […]

How to Prepare to Launch Your PR Campaign for Maximum Results

 I was recently inspired by a short meeting with a prospective client. It impressed me that he was ready to tell his story, even though his business wasn’t quite prepared to launch a public relations (PR) campaign. I thought that it might help other small businesses to know what steps […]

What Employers Need to Know About Temporary Layoffs

It is not uncommon to hear employers talk of “laying off” employees, particularly when business is slow. In these situations, the employer’s intent is not to terminate the employment relationship, but to temporarily suspend it until business picks up. While a temporary layoff is a perfectly logical solution for dealing […]

4 Things Decision Makers Really Care About in B2B Marketing

Great B2B advertising starts with a simple and clear value proposition that appeals to decision makers, such as Founders, CEOs and department heads. Unfortunately, too many B2B companies either spend too much time creating content for audiences with little decision-making power, or clutter up their message trying to cater to […]

3 Pitfalls of Not Having a Written Employment Contract

I am regularly asked by employers whether they should have a formal written employment contract with their employees. Would you be surprised if I told you that you already have an employment contract with each of your employees – regardless of whether or not that contract has been put in […]

Four Common Food Truck Mistakes That Can Be Avoided With Mentorship

Since food trucks became visible in the US in 2008, the industry has been booming in popularity around British Columbia. In 2015, it was estimated that there were about 305 food trucks in Metro Vancouver and Victoria with an estimated annual revenue of roughly $50 million. However, amidst the perceived […]