Don’t Gamble with Risk: Consider Insurance to Protect Your Business

I run a graphic design firm, and like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, my home is also my home office. My business was growing fast – until water from the washing machine in my neighbour’s apartment leaked into my workspace, damaging the electronics I need to operate my business. […]

Suppliers, If You Think You Know Who Your Customers Are, Think Again

Do you know who your customers really are? It may surprise you that many suppliers don’t. In fact, if you’re like most businesses that sell products to e-commerce and storefront retailers, you probably think your customers are everyday consumers. That is, the people buying your product off of store shelves. […]

Don’t-Miss Tips to Getting Your Small Business Online

In today’s fast-paced world, failing to have your business online risks losing a lot – your customers, your competitive advantage and your success. This is true regardless of how big your business is. Having a strong web presence is crucial, whether you’re a one-person show or a multimillion dollar corporation. […]

3 Tips to Establish a Second Location to Grow Your Business

Most business owners hope that their company will grow and be prosperous. And with a great idea, the right resources and a lot of hard work, it’s certainly possible to transform your small business into something much bigger. If you’ve found success, and after a few steady years of operation […]

5 Reasons Why Hiring Seasonal Employees Suit Small Businesses

The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. Alice Cooper may have said it best when he sang, “No more pencils, no more books. School’s out for the summer.” And with summer comes students across the province looking for work as seasonal employees. This is where you as a […]

No, Business Plans Aren’t Dead – So Write a Good One

There’s some debate about whether business plans should go the way of the dodo, or whether they’re essential to business success. But when you face the facts, it’s obvious that business plans aren’t dead. Banks need them before granting a loan, and potential partners or investors often want them as […]

How to Stop Putting Off Starting Your Small Business

You had an amazing business idea. It was an inspirational moment, and you felt like anything was possible. Then you started working on the idea, and your motivation dropped, which lead to fear-induced procrastination and decision paralysis. Sound familiar? Here’s the good news. You aren’t alone. Many people have brilliant […]

How to Use Online Profiles and Directories to Boost Your Business

Even if your business doesn’t have a website yet, it’s easy to get the benefits of an online presence without paying a single dollar. Being highly visible on the web, with the help of online profiles and directories, is one of the most easy and cost-effective ways to get in […]

Optimizing Small Business Technology Strategies to Level-Up Your Business

For the past 20 years, technological development has been racing forwards, building amazing user experiences and changing the landscape of business. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner means being at the heart of these changes. Learning how to leverage cutting-edge technology is key to crafting winning digital products and […]

Rebuilding Your Business in BC and Across Canada

Making the decision to move from a foreign country to BC or elsewhere in Canada can be both exciting and overwhelming – especially if you are an entrepreneur with hopes of rebuilding your business outside your country of origin. You worked hard attaining higher education and or developing your business […]