5 Email Marketing Tricks You Need to Know

With emails dominating contemporary communication, email marketing has become an indispensable part of marketing campaigns for any business. Yes, you can talk about social media today, but when it comes to formal communication, email has become fundamental in the modern digital world. The coolest about them is that using this […]

Confessions of a Solopreneur

The first time I jumped head-first into being self-employed, I did it without a game plan. Frustrated and struggling to grasp everything I needed to learn about managing myself and a business, I realized much of my suffering could have been be avoided. I’ve collected some business secrets over the […]

What You Should Do After a Cyber Breach

You’ve probably heard stories of millions of customers who have been affected by data breaches. Apple, Home Depot and Target – all brands we trust to protect our data – have all had data breaches. But did you know that small businesses can fall victim to data breaches, too? According […]

5 Ways to Manage Your Cash Flow Right

The old adage, “Cash is king,” holds true in the world of business. Cash flow allows you to operate, purchase products or services and pay your employees, among other essential parts of running a business. But maintaining a consistent cash flow isn’t always easy. While you can’t completely remove the […]

What Do I Need to Know About Human Rights Discrimination?

While most B.C. employers are aware that they have a legal duty to provide a discrimination-free work environment for their employees, many employers may not have a full appreciation of what that means in practice. Navigating competing rights and obligations can be complicated. Even the best intentioned employer can find […]

How to Make Your Small Business Run Without You

Go and take a vacation. Enjoy a week off from work. Don’t worry about your business, it can run without you. The only reason this is not happening yet is you feel too necessary. Don’t you want to go on a vacation, at ease that your business is running fine, […]

How Can a Mobile-Friendly Website Get Me More Business?

As a small business owner, I have to keep my business ahead of the competition – though it isn’t always easy. Most of my customers are making quick decisions based on the information that is available online. However, I find it can be really challenging to keep up with the […]

New and Young Workers: They’re Worth Your Attention

Many small businesses are built around the expertise of key individuals who play a crucial role in the success of your business. Often, these talented individuals are younger than 25 — a group WorkSafeBC refers to as young workers. Now imagine if one of these workers was injured at work […]

11 Local SEO Strategies for BC Small Businesses

I’ve watched digital marketing evolve considerably over the past 20 years of working online. The ability to geo-target local consumers is one of the most exciting, yet underutilized, developments. The following budget-friendly tips have allowed me to help hundreds of small businesses improve their local search ranking. Here are eleven local […]

Short on Cash? 4 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

In today’s business scenario, managing cash flow has become one of the most crucial challenges experienced by small business owners. Many of them often get so busy selling their products or services that they forget to focus on major factors of any successful business – cash flow and cash collection […]