Why Should Canadian Businesses Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

To say that online business is on the rise in Canada would be a gross understatement. The reality is that online businesses have practically taken over traditional brick and mortar businesses and in some cases, left them behind by a mile. In 2014, online businesses in Canada sold $136 billion […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Basic Digital Marketing

Marketing is fundamental to small business success. Doing it right means promoting your product and service to the right target audience in a compelling way. This will make your customers want to buy from you, which is the end goal of every business. But in the age of the Internet, […]

Diversity Builds You a Better Small Business

We’re constantly hearing about importance of diversity in the news and big business. But as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you may think that your operation is too small to incorporate diversity practices. However, incorporating awareness and respect for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation and ethnic background […]

3 Signs You’re Ready to Productize Your Services

If you’ve noticed the proliferation of online courses, products and programs lately, you may be feeling the pressure to have a digital product to sell. In the last decade of working with online business owners, I’ve had the privilege of seeing behind the scenes of countless online product launches, including […]

How to Get Government Funding to Grow Your Business

Gaining a business advantage can be challenging when you’re contending with domestic and international competition in an ever-changing market. Getting ahead requires companies to constantly develop new or improved products, increase productivity and expand global market sales. However, throughout our 25 years in the government funding industry, we have seen […]

What Corporate Social Responsibility Will Look Like in 2030

In Fall 2015, the United Nations (UN) adopted Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a roadmap for governments and businesses to move towards a better future. The SDGs are becoming more and more important, especially considering that new corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices are an increasingly hot […]

5 Email Marketing Tricks You Need to Know

With emails dominating contemporary communication, email marketing has become an indispensable part of marketing campaigns for any business. Yes, you can talk about social media today, but when it comes to formal communication, email has become fundamental in the modern digital world. The coolest about them is that using this […]

Confessions of a Solopreneur

The first time I jumped head-first into being self-employed, I did it without a game plan. Frustrated and struggling to grasp everything I needed to learn about managing myself and a business, I realized much of my suffering could have been be avoided. I’ve collected some business secrets over the […]

What You Should Do After a Cyber Breach

You’ve probably heard stories of millions of customers who have been affected by data breaches. Apple, Home Depot and Target – all brands we trust to protect our data – have all had data breaches. But did you know that small businesses can fall victim to data breaches, too? According […]

5 Ways to Manage Your Cash Flow Right

The old adage, “Cash is king,” holds true in the world of business. Cash flow allows you to operate, purchase products or services and pay your employees, among other essential parts of running a business. But maintaining a consistent cash flow isn’t always easy. While you can’t completely remove the […]