Break The Rules to Improve Your Writing and Make It Fun

After looking at the headline did you decide to read this article because you want to improve your writing, or do you just like the idea of breaking rules? I have to admit that I live by some rules but break others. Such as my personal health and fitness rule: […]

How To Be An Inspiring Mentor Who Changes Lives

Have you ever had a life changing moment when someone did or said something that completely changed your perception about life? I had one a couple of years ago while I was sipping a steaming hot coffee in my mentor’s home office. I asked my mentor how she dealt with […]

The Importance of Systems for Tiny Business Owners

If your business earns less than $250,000 per year in revenue, there’s a good chance that you’re still handling most of the operational tasks yourself. From invoicing to blog posts, Search Engine Optimization to following up with leads, without you, the business doesn’t do much business, does it? Does that […]

Let’s Talk About Fashion…The Business Aspects

If there is one topic I love to talk about, it would be the fashion and beauty industry. And if I’m doing it on “company time”, all the better. How do I make this a legitimate part of my work-day you ask? Well, our clients have a lot to do […]

Top 10 Apps for Small Business Owners

Launching and maintaining a new business is no easy feat. Thankfully, technology is here to make the lives of small business owners much easier. As the CEO of Trippeo, I rely on a number of apps when I am on the road for business or working from our headquarters in […]

Which Mentorship Relationship Fits Your Personality?

One of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from my 10 plus years in business is that everyone is different. Everyone has different needs, communication styles and personality traits that set them apart. This also means that we need to find processes that specifically work for us.  If you’ve been […]

Are You Ready for 2015? 5 Tips to Kick-off the New Year

One of the common themes for business owners in 2015, including for yours truly, is to increase sales. Though this is a goal I strive for, I am fully aware that it is not just the sales I’m after. I know that providing quality service to clients, efficient and effective delivering system, and profitability all are equally important.

Sometimes, It’s All Eyes On YOU

2014 was a busy year for  Conscious PR Inc. So, with all that extra media time under our belts, we thought we would share our thoughts on mastering the media. If you would rather not be within a mile’s radius of a TV camera or recorder, this blog will help you. […]